TranSpace Prices

Transpace Prices  for 2012 
One Key - $30.00 a month ( This gets you entry into the building and dressing areas )
On Closet- $15.00 a month ( This is a 2 foot wide by 6 1/2  feet height with one self . 
You can also store stuff on top and you can rent more than one closet. 
We require first and last months rent and a key deposit to begin a rental. 
Example : Ginger wants to rent one  closet for storage of her  clothing 
Key : First and Last Month rent   $60.00
Closet: First and Last Month rent  $30.00
Key Deposit : Refundable when turning  $20.00
her key back in 
Total to start renting $110.00
Every month after that  $45.00
Example: Pamela wants just a key to change in the changing area. 
Key : First and Last Month rent  $60.00
Key Deposit : Refundable  when turning  $20.00
her key back in. 
Total to start renting  $80.00
Every Month after that  $30.00
  Monthly Charges     
Key Only      $30.00
Key  & One Closet    30+15 $45.00
Key & Two Closets      30+15+20 $65.00
Or Double Wide       
Each Extra  Closet       $    35.00
After  Two       
Key & Three Closets    65+35  $  100.00
Key & Four Closets    65+35+35  $  135.00
Payments made after the 15th of the month will have a $5.00 late fee added. 

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